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Naldoria Admin Panel

Here you’ll find all the features we offer with Naldoria Booking System. Clicking each image will enlarge the picture.

View calendar in daily/weekly/monthly modes

Naldoria Calendar gives you multiple options for displaying the team’s agenda. Choose between daily, weekly, monthly and list modes to view your company workload in different ways. You can also check all scheduled appointments separately for one, two or more staff members.

Naldoria is super flexible to help you easily and effectively manage your bookings. In Booking settings, you can even customize the way your appointment will be displayed in Calendar section by inserting, removing, and changing the available codes.

Filterable, sortable and searchable booking list

Filter and sort a list of complete and pending transactions, and manually adjust the payment details if necessary. Hide the payment step for free services. Customization is key for a booking plugin (especially for WordPress), and Bookly has tons of that.

Let customers view & edit bookings online

Add a booking list (automatically updated) to your website. If your client wishes to view their appointments, they can login with their credentials, which are automatically sent to them by Bookly if you choose to create WordPress accounts for all customers.

They can then view or cancel their appointments – giving them flexibility and increasing client satisfaction.

Default Appointment status

You can have appointments created in pending status. They’ll stay this way until you confirm them. Great for when you’re in a period of uncertain availability. Or set a default status for newly created appointments to ‘approved’ to make the booking process as quick as possible.

All bookings will be stored in Bookly Appointments List and can be filtered by status then.

Set minimum notice periods for bookings & cancellations

You can set a minimum notice period (eg. 24, 48 hours) for bookings and cancellations. For example, require customers to book or cancel at least one hour before appointment time. This way, the booking on your website won’t be available if there is only that much time left until the appointment. Should the client cancel in time, this will not affect them. But it will prevent them cancelling on short notice.

Ability to create appointments with custom service

Sometimes your staff members may need to include into their daily agenda some specific appointments with a service that you do not list in any of the categories. They can quickly and easily create a custom appointment of any type from Bookly admin panel, and this appointment will be added to their Bookly Calendar alongside with other ordinary bookings.

Zoom & Google Meet integration

Integration with Zoom online meetings or Google Meet video conferencing will help you easily include web meeting auto-generated links into appointment details.

If your staff members provide their services online, let them run live meetings on any device – desktop or mobile. Naldoria allows you to set up personal Zoom accounts for every staff member

Define number of days available for booking

You can set scheduling limits for your clients by setting how far ahead they’ll be able to book your services. Specify this time period in days and your customers won’t have an option to set an appointment when the date is outside the value configured by you.

Unlimited number of service providers with individual settings

With Naldoria, you can create and manage an unlimited number of your employees’ profiles, each with individual settings and custom schedules.

The software’s advanced functionality allows you to:

  • Add any number of staff members, each with personal info, photo and contact details
  • Tie each employee to one or several services
  • Set individual service price, weekly schedule, breaks and ‘Days off’ for each each service provider
  • Set public or private visibility for each service provider
  • Sync staff members’ calendars with their Google Calendars

Allow staff members to manage their profiles and calendars

If your employees are registered  and associated with these accounts, they may have access to Booking System back-end, so that to view and edit appointments assigned to them, and update personal data. They’ll be able to edit their bookings and profile info.

Colour code services in calendar

You can set a unique colour for each of your services. This is extremely helpful when dealing with occupied time slots in Booking Calendar. All appointments that belong to this service will appear in your Calendar with the relative colour that has been set on a service card in settings. The feature of color-coding your services is only used internally in Booking System back-end.

Edit the record template displayed in the calendar

Naldoria was designed to satisfy any user preferences, so you even can build a template for displaying your calendar entries.

Configure the way your appointment will look in a calendar by inserting, moving, or deleting available codes to get the most suitable format for viewing your bookings.

Manage your customer base effortlessly

Don’t let your client base get out of hand. With Naldoria you get an unlimited, sortable and searchable customer list. But that’s not all. You can also:

  • See booking and payment stats for each customer
  • Store internal notes about a customer
  • Add a new customer directly from the calendar
  • Import and export customer lists
  • Organize your customers into specific groups

Unlimited number of services grouped into categories

Naldoria  allows you to add any number of services and organize them into categories to help your customers easier find the appropriate service at the first step of the booking process. Each group may contain as many service items as necessary.

Additionally, you can change the order of services in a list by dragging them up or down, which will affect their displaying on the front-end in a booking form.


Send automatic email and SMS notifications

In the booking system back-end, you can schedule automatic emails and text messages. All notifications can be triggered by an event, or configured to be sent at a specific time before/after the appointment.

Keep your clients and staff informed by setting up different types of personalised emails which include:

  • Notifications confirming reservations
  • Reminders of upcoming and updated appointments
  • Follow-up messages to thank customers
  • Next day agenda to staff members

You’ll be given £10 every month which equals to 70-80 free messages to use for any SMS you decide to enable. 

Customizable Email and SMS notifications

Naldoria allows you to completely customize all Email and SMS notifications sent to your customers and staff. You can even create your own custom templates and set individual sending rules for each message.

You’re able to:

  • Quick and easy setup all notifications right from Bookly backend
  • Customize sender’s name and email address
  • Send emails as plain text or as HTML
  • Edit templates in WYSIWYG mode
  • Use text formatting tools.
  • Refill using Paypal

For SMS service, you can use your business name as the SenderID (available in most countries), get low balance notifications, automatic balance refill, and detailed message reports.

Google Calendar integration

With Google Calendar and Naldoria you can manage your staff workload, hours and bookings with maximum efficiency.

Time slots booked in Naldoria are automatically marked as busy in your Google Calendar. And busy slots in Google Calendar are taken into account when Naldoria proposes available time slots to clients.

Chain bookings

Let your customers book different services for a single visit.

Say, you provide services in a beauty salon. Your customers will love the option of easy online booking of several consecutive appointments at a time that suits best for them.

Naldoria scheduling system will find time slots when all services from a chain appointment can be performed one by one and will add it to your Calendar as separate reservations.

Accept deposit payments

You can set a deposit amount for each service and employee to be paid at the time of online scheduling. This way, when clients are booking appointments on your website, they will be charged a deposit (a percentage or a fixed amount), and the rest can be paid later.

Naldoria’s admin panel lets you quickly set up and manage deposit payments efficiently. You can:

  • Accept partial online payments only for selected services
  • Set specific deposit amount for each service/employee pair
  • Specify deposit amount in percent or as fixed price
  • Show paid and due amounts in payment reports and notifications
  • Mark payments as completed once the full amount is paid

Limit the service availability

You can make your services available for online booking only during exact hours and/or on particular weekdays simply by setting up a Service Schedule feature.

For example, if some of your services can be provided only on Saturday mornings, you create scheduling limits for them in Bookly back-end, so they can be booked only when the service schedule and staff member’s working hours overlap.

Built-in analytics

Use Naldoria analytics to get an actual information about your company effectiveness and productivity. View a total number of performed appointments, number of customers who booked your services and the approximate cost of all bookings.

All statistical data can be filtered by various properties so that to give you reports only for the selected time period, specific employee or service.