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Your very own booking system

Naldoria is a website dedicated to beauty and hair salon owners who want to take their businesses to the next level. With Naldoria, we create your very own website booking service for your customers.

Naldoria simplifies the booking process for both you and your clients. You’ll receive notifications when a client books an appointment, and your clients will receive confirmation texts, emails and reminders about their upcoming appointments.

With Naldoria, you can manage your schedule, client information, and bookings all in one place. You can easily update your availability, reschedule appointments, and track your business performance with our built-in analytics tools.

Set Fee

-£32.47, -£41.13? New customer fees? We believe in providing transparent and fair pricing to all our customers. As such, we do not have any new customer fees or hidden charges. Additionally, we are committed to maintaining the same subscription fee throughout your term with us and will not increase the price mid-subscription. We do utilize payment gateways that may have a small percentage fee of 1-2%. This is a common practice for payment processing services and allows us to securely and efficiently process your payments. Furthermore, we offer a free quota of SMS messages for our customers. Once this limit is reached, you have the option to top up your account with additional SMS credits. However, the decision to purchase additional credits is entirely up to you, and you will not be charged automatically without your consent. Overall, we believe in providing an honest and transparent pricing policy for our customers. You can trust that the prices you see are the prices you pay, without any hidden surprises.

Robust Feature Package

E-Mail reminders, calendar view, customer appointments, analytics, deposits, Authorise & Capture (No show protection) and manage staff members is only a fraction of the tools available with Naldoria.

Our Support

Using new software for the first time though user-friendly can quickly become confusing to many, here at Naldoria we only offer the best support. We aim to have a response for you within 24 hours at the latest! This however doesn't mean you'll ever have to wait that long! Our customers get access to our fast support WhatsApp group where responses can come in minutes!

Subscription Length

All subscriptions can be cancelled at any time by visiting your orders tab in the 'My Account' section. Stay tuned for more updates on this!

Web Design

You’ll be given your salon/business or your name as a sub domain added to Naldoria example;

This site will come with a choice of a black and pink theme which adds a layer of professionalism or you can decide to have a more flamboyant pink design.

Mobile Development

Your site will be fully mobile optimised allowing for great fitment and superior loading/performance on mobile devices. 

Iphone users can click the share icon on their phones browser and press ‘Add to Home Screen’ to download our PWA (Progressive Web App) to their phones home screen.

We are driven by analytics

Analytics is critical for business growth because it allows us to collect and analyze data, extract valuable insights, and make data-driven decisions. By using analytics to track customer behavior, optimize operations, and identify new opportunities, businesses can improve performance, increase efficiency, reduce costs, and ultimately drive growth and success. Without analytics, businesses would rely on intuition and guesswork, which can be risky and lead to poor decision-making. Therefore, analytics is an essential tool for businesses looking to stay competitive and grow in today’s fast-paced marketplace.

Extensive Functionality

Our calendar gives you multiple options for displaying the team’s agenda. Choose between daily, weekly, monthly and list modes to view your company workload in different ways. You can also check all scheduled appointments separately for one, two or more staff members.

Our booking system is super flexible to help you easily and effectively manage your bookings. 

Keep your customers and staff updated about their appointments with automatic E-mail notifactions. The booking E-Mail appointment reminder service lets you send automated E-Mails to your customers and staff members about bookings. With this flexible appointment scheduling and reminder software, you can inform your customers and employees about approved and pending bookings, provide website login details, avoid no-shows by sending reminder E-Mails. You can use E-Mails to manage staff letting them know that they have a new appointment or notifying them they need to manually approve an appointment automatically.

I've used booking apps before for my clients but Naldoria the only one that I've found with all the features I wanted in once place and at the same price as the other well known brands!
Janet Morris
Nail Artist
We run our salon solely using Naldoria our clients love how easy it is.
Willie Brown
Salon Manager
Every booking feature you want under one roof, that's Naldoria. I have saved hours using Naldoria's booking system.

Let’s work together on building your booking site

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